pics :: 2001 :: office transition

the last green wall deeestroy hide the secretary's desk
carnage farnam's old office (minus wall) east facing wall
bare floor 70's retro cabinet colors toe resistant new carpet sample
we won't be needing this toy where'd it all go? into the elevator!
keep stacking for later i see the light! two A's for arbor
time to clean the room (and lens) sweep, sweep, sweep one table, no employees
i'll put my desk over ... there even the stairwell! down to barstucks
pile 'o carpet expand the machine room evidence of painters
move that stuff again spy vs. spy we'll miss you, big green
there's carpet under there a pool of glue keeps us from the bathroom bucket of glue -- no shoes, please
so clean, so spacious! so messy, so crammed! our new pet, car.


Copyright (c) 2001 Matt Smart