Welcome to Phil's Monkey Homepage

The image is of a Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus), which is found on the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka. This image (and likely any other primate image on my pages) is from the most excellent Primate Gallery.

The sad fate of the Passenger Monkey is due to overhunting and this cruel practice. What do you say when a monkey lands in your lap? I'll take it! Thanks for the monkey space, you beautiful people at monkey.org. I will use it unwisely and unsafely.

If you want to see my other, non-monkey supported homepage, you are boring, but, okay.

If you want to see my son...
A python Asyncronous socket server.
My work on a simplified moebius.
My resume.

phil lenhardt <philen@monkey.org>