I play sports a lot. Right now, soccer twice and football twice a week, usually.

I love playing soccer. I just love all the aspects of this game. Through balls from midfield, crosses from outside, diving headers and middle shots ... I can't get enough of it. Having played in this Indonesian team, Permias, is one big reason. They had such a great team in terms of the love of the game and the team atmosphere. I learned so much from them, especially from the team captain (the guy with glasses in the back row, right most).

I played flag football with this team, the Chipmunks. This hooked me up to football. My best friend Hiro in a white parker is our QB, and the back row, right most is our team's center/leader/warhead, Taka.

I play football at Sun on every Wednesday. It's kind of funny I come back to my ex-employer every week, but oh well. People still treat me well, and I appreciate it.

Shahin is giving me a perfect block, but I mistakingly cut to my left, therefore running straight into my defender Le. Bad decision in my part.

I think I caught this ball for a touchdown.

I like playing tennis, too. My forehand is improving after my ex-girlfriend's father's advice.

I ski, sometimes. As severly cold as it is, Michigan in Winter is beautiful.