I finally got my H1-B VISA straightened up, so I could go back to Japan!

Me and mom. I think we are in a Yokosuka-line train

Me, Dennis (Kay's husband) and Kay (Sister #2) at their house.

Me at this hotel called ... I forgot it's name. But anyway, we (my family) had Chinese lunch and tea in this hotel. The garden was so beutiful that I asked Kay to take my pictures with the garden as a background.

Well, the photo taking was alright. But of course, this is Japan, so the cafe employee came to ask us politely to stop such unusual behaviors. I was almost going to go "hey, we are just taking photos, damn it" but I held off because I was with my parents.

After 2 weeks vacation in Japan, I'm back in SFO. Now my Bay Area life continues ...