Thirty-three years ago, a boy was born in the remotest regions of the
Australian Outback, born under an auspicious sign that foretold great
things for him. Mojojojo was not this child. Instead, Mojojojo gave
up a thrilling career in customer support to make sure that
had a reliable comic relief presence. He does the occasional bit of
Unix SysAdmin work for pay and generally gets to live out his god-like
delusions of grandeur by telling a lot of other people what they can't
do. Also, he likes wilderbeast, but not in that way.

This is a test,
this is only a test.
For the next 60 days,
  the Emergency Mojo Network
  will be testing this web page.
After that time,
  you will be forwarded to
  the regularly scheduled web page.
If this were a real web page,
  you'd be hearing explosions and screaming,
  streaming from your speakers
  via a Real Audio.
Repeat, This is only a test.

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