Regarding the case against Christopher Thompson

November 17 2009 from San Francisco, CA

This is a letter sent to the District Attorney in L.A. More information here.


I am an avid bicyclist and I think that it is imperative that Christopher Thompson is brought to justice with a penalty fitting the crime he has been convicted of.

Bicyclists are inherently disadvantaged by size and available protection while riding on public roads. It is dangerous enough while drivers are following the rules. With malicious intent however, the driver is undoubtedly in possession of a very deadly weapon indeed. I believe it is vital for motorists to understand this. By deviating from rule or protocol, the driver has at his hands the capacity to kill. With the addition of malicious intent, the driver almost certainly will.

The life of the cyclist is at the hands of the motorists around her. Please set the proper precedent by ensuring that Christopher Thompson is penalized to the fullest extent. This is only in proportion to his wildly irresponsible behavior.

Marius Eriksen of San Francisco, CA.

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