Beautiful fixed-width fonts for OSX

Marius Eriksen (
10 Jan 2010

(Or, “an ode to 9x15”)

I’ve always had great appreciation for the fixed-width fonts distributed with X11 (“misc-fixed-*”): 6x13, 7x14, and especially 9x15 (my all-time favorite).

9x15 in action

I never really found any type so satisfying. It is extremely crisp and legible, is not dull, and doesn’t go all fuzzy in its bold variant. Its glyphs are extraordinarily well-suited to the kinds of strange things we tend to do with the ASCII character set in code.

9x15 in code

Charlie Cheever previously converted 9x15 to an OSX dfont, so I followed suit to fill in with the rest of the sizes using FontForge.

Included are 6x13, 7x14, 9x15 and 10x20. Make sure to use them only with their respective sizes (ie. 13pt for 6x13, 15pt for 9x15 and so on) and without anti aliasing turned on (bolds won’t render correctly).