Introducing OpenBSD

Uninet Infosec 2002

Jose Nazario

20 April, 2002

ABSTRACT: As open source UN*X projects have gained popularity and momentum in the past several years, a smaller project has also gained a significant amount of press, as well. OpenBSD, an offshoot of the NetBSD project, was started in 1995 to develop a robust, reliable, and highly functional BSD operating system, freely available. to that end, the OpenBSD project has been making great strides. using continual code audits and applying research ideas into the system, the OpenBSD team has developed a widely respected operating system. this talk will introduce OpenBSD and describe many of the major subsystems of it. OpenBSD includes, in the base system, support for IPv6, IPsec, NFS and NIS, Kerberos IV and V, and AFS, among a host of other interesting items.

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