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No definition for 'blowery'.  Maybe you mean:
  1. blower                 2. bowery                 3. lowery

blowery@funky:~/Public/html>webster blower
blow.er \'blo-(-*)r\ n 1: one that blows 2: BRAGGART 3: a device for
   producing a current of air or gas

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bow.ery \'bau.-(-*)r-e-\ n [D bouwerij, fr. bouwer farmer, fr. bouwen to
   till; akin to O] [Bowery, street in New York City]HG bu-an to dwell 1: a
   colonial Dutch plantation or farm 2: a city street or district notorious
   for cheap saloons and homeless derelicts

blowery@funky:~/Public/html>webster lowery
low.ery \'lau.-(*-)re-\ aj : GLOOMY, LOWERING