07 January 2004

st. marteen

St. Marteen : arid green looking like california / beach party / lounge chairs and an umbrella / blue green warm water / blue sky and sunny / floating / swimming / crab race / roaming parrots with clipped wings / SO MUCH REGGAE / jet ski wave runner thingie / rocky shores / random tourist shopping / sunburns, but not too bad

The second real day of being off the boat was another success. This time, much relaxing. A bus took us from the boat to a place called little bay. There the resort had a whole beach party thing going on, Jen and I took our lounge chair and umbrella (the umbrella was key), laid back, and read. I watched the crab race, and eventually ate some barbecue. After lunch I took a get ski out, which was a blast. The bay provide smooth water for speed and nice waves farther out for excellent jumping.

IMG_7630.JPG IMG_7631.JPG IMG_7632.JPG
IMG_7633.JPG IMG_7634.JPG IMG_7635.JPG
IMG_7636.JPG IMG_7637.JPG IMG_7638.JPG
after dinner, a show girl ambushed us and our photo was taken. we had to have it.