06 January 2004

sea trekkin!

St. Thomas : Sea Trekking!!!!!!!! (think bell helmet diving + futuristic space helmets) / driving around / lush green / overcast skys and occasional showers / everything is everything / cool man Steve / so many jewelry shops / Sole sandwich and frozen hurricanes / taxis taking the long way (walking would have been as quick)
Dad, me, Jen
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st. thomas

IMG_7615.JPG IMG_7616.JPG IMG_7617.JPG IMG_7618.JPG
IMG_7619.JPG IMG_7620.JPG IMG_7621.JPG Holly, AJ, and Janelle are on this boat, but I can't find them IMG_7624.JPG
the autobot boat, it has to be cooler than ours
IMG_7625.JPG IMG_7626.JPG IMG_7627.JPG IMG_7628.JPG