31 December 2002

new years eve

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Even though I had many friends in town for the holiday, I could not afford to not work. A project deadline of Jan 2 loomed and we had to be ready. I felt justified, though, in leaving at a reasonable hour. I was treated with the beautiful remenants of a sunset after work. I hustled to the top of the parking stucture to get a couple unobstructed photos of my gift.
Chris took many photos for me, but you can tell when I took over: The photos start to get dark and blurry. Starting off the night, after my first bottle of wine, was 3D Twister! Wee! I lost, but winning isn't really the point of Twister, now is it?
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drunk pingpong
happy wren! if there was anyone more stressed than me, it might have been wren.
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come down the stairs, finn!
no point at face
point up and away
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fraggle: gps timekeeper
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good night, joe.