20 December 2002

the castle explodes

Bill, Josh, and Sam threw a rawkin party at the Castle. I happy hour'ed and dinnered with WDA officials before the party. Bil, Dave, Stacy, Stephen, and I managing to get a good buzz going out on the town. As the evening ended and night began I invited them along to the Castle party.

The party was best described as high proof. Early on I had a nice conversation with a classmate from my School of Ed days, but some how after the constant flow of Long Islands, Lemon Drops, Jaeger Bombs, and pulls of Vodka, the night lost coherency. One of the best features of the party was the living room which had been converted in a thumping dance club with Bill's massive stereo system.

While not for me, the party was a night of random and interesting hook-ups. Go people! I salute The Castle and encourage them to throw another blow-out party.

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