15 December 2002

peach mountain

A combination an overwhelming workload, early sunsets, relationship and friendship pitfalls, and an overdose of christmas music had already made this particular December one of the single hardest periods of my life to survive. Ever.

A piercing sun cut into the condo this morning and demanded I not work and instead take care of myself. I gathered all parts of myself that I could recognize and drove out west of town for a hike on Peach Mountain.

Peach Mountain is neither, but it is a nice wooded area through which to hike. The area is no more than 3 by 8 miles, bounded by roads on all sides. Even if I tried to get lost, I would have to make a concerted effort to stay lost. I hiked for about two hours; taking pictures, listening to my ipod, pushing through brush, listening to the trees rub against each other, running down pathes, and yelling at my echo. I think it was the single best thing I could have done for my soul.

img_4396.jpg img_4397.jpg img_4398.jpg img_4399.jpg
img_4400.jpg img_4401.jpg img_4402.jpg img_4403.jpg
img_4404.jpg img_4405.jpg img_4406.jpg img_4407.jpg
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