12 December 2002

27th birthday

img_4351.jpg img_4352.jpg I happen to be the only a2 arbornet employee with a birthday in december so we had cake on my birthday. The lemon was excellent. The boys at arbornet like cake.
In the evening Kristin arranged dinner at Knights with friends. Just enough to fill the big round table. Stacy, Gretchen, Chris, Liz, Joe, Ila, Bill, Kristin, and Matt all gathered to celebrate the previous year (or the coming year, or both) of my life, and to eat the best Prime Rib in Ann Arbor. Not to mention enjoying some of the more generous mixed drinks as well. mmmmmMMMMMMMmmm tanq.
img_4353.jpg img_4355.jpg img_4356.jpg img_4357.jpg
After dinner most people pooped out but Bill and Gretchen held on long enough to have a couple drinks with me at Arbor Brewing Company. Also at Arbor were Bil and Kat, a pleasant surprise. But by the time 11:30 rolled around everyone had given up and I was forced to celebrate the last part of my birthday in the wild. Stacy Pullen was spinning at the Necto and I had no plans for wasting this particular opportunity. I closed out the Necto dancing and meeting women through a Tanqueray daze.
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