07 December 2002


Friend of a friend had a house that was about to be demolished. The house was already stripped of all valuable objects, only a little bit of pipe and wiring remained. The point of our trip to this house: multilation and destruction of what remained. This was an excellent opportunity to have a little fun with sharp and heavy tools. A little spray paint, too. Joe recreated a "Satin" graphiti he once had the pleasure of discovering in his hometown.
img_4289.jpg img_4290.jpg img_4291.jpg img_4293.jpg
img_4294.jpg img_4295.jpg img_4296.jpg img_4297.jpg
img_4298.jpg img_4299.jpg img_4300.jpg img_4301.jpg
img_4302.jpg img_4303.jpg img_4304.jpg img_4305.jpg
img_4306.jpg img_4307.jpg img_4309.jpg img_4310.jpg

After washing the drywall out of my hair I went to ABC for double duty: hanging out with Gretchen and her friends Kelly and Jacub and meeting up with Molly K's birthday train. Gary helped me pick out a French Whore her birthday shot. Much to my satisfaction, Molly enjoyed the shot. Me, I had many pints of beer and at least a couple shots producing a different kind of smashie.
img_4311.jpg img_4312.jpg img_4313.jpg img_4314.jpg
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