27 November 2002

Frost shrinks away from the sun as it warms the M3's rag top. Friends have lent me the BMW M3 in return for taking care of it. It's an amazing car and I take back any bad I've ever said about BMW cars. I desire. House, what house?

img_4162.jpg img_4165.jpg
Dude, our Dell is trying to say something.

Look at me. Shiny. Getting a little groove on before heading out to City Club for Richie Hawtin at Control 4.

I had big hopes for the show and brought Gretchen, Chris, and Liz along for the party. Even though I had driven out to Ferndale for tickets, we still had to wait in line for nearly a half hour. It was very cold and very windy outside and the four of us melted into one shaking sphere as we hoped to be next in. The show was fun, Sven Vaeth was fun, but before Richie could go on the Detroit Police Department shutdown the show around 3:30. Boooo! [Weeks later we still haven't heard a reasonable explanation of the shutdown, the venue was being well policed and maintained. Shady, very shady.] All of us took this as a cue to head back to Ann Arbor since we all had Thanksgiving to survive the next day. I heard the party continued on elsewhere in Detroit with great success.