03 November 2002

breakfast and house hunting

img_3882.jpg img_3883.jpg

Smart, Kristin, and I waited eons for a table at Angelos and then a life time for the food to arrive. When it did I made Kristin wait a long moment for me to grab my camera. How good did that plate of food look?

During breakfast I leafed through the G section of the Ann Arbor News looking for open houses and interesting houses for sale. I made a short list and Smart and Kristin accompanied me on my cruise of the west-side. We received odd looks as we pulled up to our first house. Apparently the add said 3-5, not 2-4, so we wandered.

Our true first house of the day turned out to be an amazing and slightly freakish house only a block away. The house was huge, but divided up in such a way that it was only really for 2 or 3 people. The house was completely redone in the 80s and it showed. The bedrooms had built-in waterbed boxes and all the rooms had a bevy of cabinetry. In a loft at the very top of the house sat a cracked and faded hot pink-miami-vice-leather couch, no doubt a hold over from the house's rebirth.