02 November 2002

u of m vs. mi state tailgate

Oh so many pictures of the tailgating goodness. Erin, queen of the tailgate, flew out from Colorado for this event of events. I made it the Meijer parking lot by 7:30 am, an amazing feat, but we didn't leave until well after 8 due to other nameless and very late parties.

It then took us an eternity to fight our way up to the golf course, but we ended up getting an excellent spot for the party. Flag flown, food deployed, keg tapped; we were in business.

img_3822.jpg img_3823.jpg img_3824.jpg img_3825.jpg
img_3826.jpg img_3827.jpg img_3830.jpg img_3831.jpg
img_3832.jpg img_3833.jpg img_3834.jpg img_3835.jpg
img_3836.jpg img_3838.jpg img_3840.jpg img_3841.jpg
img_3842.jpg img_3843.jpg img_3845.jpg img_3847.jpg
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img_3853.jpg img_3854.jpg img_3855.jpg img_3856.jpg
img_3857.jpg img_3858.jpg img_3859.jpg img_3860.jpg
img_3862.jpg img_3865.jpg img_3866.jpg img_3867.jpg
img_3869.jpg img_3870.jpg img_3871.jpg

massive party in fretzville

Dead, after a day of drinking from 9 until 6, I sat at home and pondered the future. I needed to go to fretz's bonfire, but a little nap sounded so good. I ate some sushi and continued to ponder. Just as I was preparing to give up on consciousness (for just a little while, i promise myself) I check my email and somewhat unexpectedly the bonfire turned into a date.

Washed face and renewed spirit, I met my date at my place and we headed out to the land. With 50-some people there, introductions were a bit odd and overwhelming, but Bill stepped in and saved the day with lemon drops. Tastee.

We settled around the fire and talked. And talked. I met this great woman online, and it was apparent through email that we had a lot in common but nothing prepared me for how great our conversation would be. Our common interests drove the chat but our differences made it interesting. The fact that I loved her voice didn't hurt either. It was a great night that thankfully ended before the wee hours, leaving me to a greatly appreciated sleep.

img_3872.jpg img_3875.jpg img_3876.jpg img_3877.jpg
img_3878.jpg img_3879.jpg img_3880.jpg