31 October 2002


First element of plan, meet Gretchen--unable to party--for some food and drink at Arbor Brewing. At first I had thought I would not wear the red robot to ABC. But as I readied to leave I realized it was Halloween and I had a moral imperative wear my costume as much as possible. I drove down to work, parked, and walked across town robot-style. Much Fun.
Dorton had the scariest costume, ever.
img_3730.jpg img_3732.jpg img_3733.jpg img_3736.jpg
Main course: Halloween at the Blind Pig. Everyone loves a dancing robot! Look at me dance! Dance Dance Dance.
dance dance dance dance
img_3738.jpg img_3742.jpg
a portion of the jinkies of velmas.
img_3745.jpg img_3746.jpg img_3747.jpg img_3748.jpg
img_3749.jpg img_3750.jpg

ectomorph with das blinken lights takes the stage

img_3751.jpg img_3752.jpg img_3753.jpg img_3754.jpg

a highly entertaining stage show accompanies ectomorph

img_3755.jpg img_3758.jpg img_3760.jpg img_3762.jpg
img_3763.jpg img_3771.jpg img_3772.jpg img_3777.jpg
amber brings fire
img_3783.jpg img_3784.jpg img_3785.jpg img_3786.jpg
img_3787.jpg img_3788.jpg img_3791.jpg img_3792.jpg
img_3796.jpg img_3797.jpg img_3798.jpg img_3800.jpg
after-party down the street. i danced until four when my batteries failed and i had to switch to internal backup--just enough to get me back to my charging pod.
img_3802.jpg img_3803.jpg img_3804.jpg img_3805.jpg