20 October 2002


After house hunting and before lounging at sweetwaters with friends, I went on a pumpkin pickin'' expedition west of Ann Arbor. The first place was just west of Dexter and provided the hungry-men with tastee cinnamon donuts. The not hungry woman had half a donut to make sure she didn't want any. Check out the crazy hay-sweetums!

Next was someone's front yard, sprinkled with pumpkins and a drop box. $3 each. Last stop, GIANT PUMPKINS, between Dexter and Ann Arbor. GIANT PUMPKINS. The pumpkin patch was out in the middle of a corn field and a tractor + flatbed trailer hauled us + our GIANT PUMPKIN back to the parking lot. A Passat is wider than a smart and a melissa and a GIANT PUMPKIN, but not by much.
img_3519.jpg img_3520.jpg img_3521.jpg img_3522.jpg
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img_3532.jpg img_3533.jpg img_3536.jpg img_3538.jpg
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