11 October 2002


With little to do this particular Friday I took the advise of dirt and went to the Rasputina show at the Pig. I had dinner with Joe and just as we were headed out the door he invites Chris and Liz as well. Liz asks whose playing, and I've barely mangled "Rasputina" and Liz is jumping up and down. We wait for the two to scarf down their just heated meals and zip to the Blind Pig. Too fast.

The first band blew, the second band was not so band. But eventually the girls came out with their cellos and played a great show. I had heard of them long ago, but did not make the connection until long after I was at the Pig. Goth Cello Grrls. Wee!

in the process of trying to clean this tag a ghostly head and shoulders were created.
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