03 October 2002
img_3470.jpg Woooohoooo! Bill gets a new toy. This isn't a particular good photo, but it shows my new machine (Dual 1 Gigahertz G4) and monitor (23" High Defintion Cinema Display) next to my old work laptop (Titanium Powerbook G4). The new machine is coming home, but it was delivered to work and I could not help but to unpack it and hook it up. Of course many at work clamored around and at the suggestion of Doug we watch Guy Richie's BMW short film "Star." All, including me, were disappointed that BMW's flash player wouldn't display at my monitor's full 1920x1200. sigh.

Later that day, I put everything down and joined in Arbor Bowling.

Kingpin EJ
Tyrannical Tomo
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