21 September 2002


Joe and Ila have invited me along to a SCA (Society for Creative Anachranism) event near Traverse City. We arrived the night before, set up camp in the dark (as usual) and then drank around a decent fire. I wore my kilt around for the first time and had one woman feel the need to check under my kilt. She seemed to enjoy herself. I kept drinking.

The day involved eating, drinking, playing with Wren's puppy, and wandering around the site. I didn't participate much, but did watch people, including my friends Mac and Erin, beat the crap out each other with padded weapons. They wore hand-made period armor and fell dead when appropriate. It was amusing. More amusing than the people that felt the need to drop in and out of a lame english accent in normal conversation.

At the end of the day there was a large feast (which turned into a bit of a food fight, people were nice about not throwing gooby stuff) with 4 very excellent courses. I sat on the ground with the Celts (they celts were put outside of the hall after their extra rowdy fun during the feast last year. Joe apparently hit royalty with some chicken last year *grin*) and ended up with a lot of straw up my kilt.

The night continued with several fires, Mac searching for the punks that stole his keg, and a little rain. It was a fun time.

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