15 September 2002
ZR-7 represent: Bill Jr., Joe, Robert, Thom, Mark, Bill (me), and Tim H.
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Again we were up and moving early in the morning. After packing up and saying our good-byes we arranged a couple photos. The big group photo 3rd in the bottom row has everyone from the trip in it, with Bill Sr. snoring away in his tent. From the left: Joe, Bill, Tim E, Time H, Bill Jr, Mark, Thom, Robert, and Tom.

I rode north with Thom towards his home of Cleveland. Sunday morning left us with wet but mostly empty roads. As long as the sky wasn't falling we cooked north riding faster than I do in Michigan. We had one exciting moment as we passed an Ohio trooper going fairly fast, but he wasn't interested and we continued unhassled. I continued from Cleveland taking the turnpike towards Toledo. I started riding relatively conservatively, but as time went on it was clear that Ohio's finest wasn't interested in the turnpike today. I gave the throttle a good crack and made time. The weather taunted me the whole way. The rain would stop just long enough that I would become warm in my gear and think about taking it off. Not much later the rain would return. I don't mind riding in the rain, I just dislike wearing my rain gear when it's dry. Nothing exciting happened on the way back and I was home by 4, giving me time to shower and relax before the weekend was over.