18 August 2002


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Good monkey Dan, sporting his neo-Hunter S. Thompson look, is leaving Ann Arbor for more moist pastures in the northwest. To celebrate dirt and erika threw a grand gathering providing the crowds with many racks of ribs to consume. mmmMMMmmm. Activities for the evening included eating, drinking, beepy video game playing, coloring, dirt throwing (spawn can be amusing), and the receiving of items Dan returns, items long ago borrowed and forgotten including a rather scary basting tool. "Ha ha ha ha ha, I baste your heart with air!"

Bye Dan!

new camera and massive update


It's now been two month's since I've updated photojournal. I'm pretty sure that's a record. Sorry. What can I say. Busy vacationing or busy working or busy being lazy. It happens. But here it is.

Pictured above is a new toy I picked up, the Sipix Blink. It's about 2 inches square, making it really tiny. I missed having my toshiba 640x480 camera so I searched for a replacement. The Blink seemed perfect. The few pictures I could find online seemed to have that crappy ccd quality to them, and the whole thing fits in a fifth pocket. I've used it for the last couple weeks, grabbing about 70 pictures and had hoped to incorporate them with this update. First challenge was to find a PC that I could install the support software (no support for macintosh, boo!) since my disk is too full to fit virtual PC. I came to work and got that done, only to get a dialog, "No Photos, Please snap some pictures first." Ugh. I forgot the camera's big weakness: The camera needs power to retain pictures. Last night the battery died and with it, several weeks of pictures. *Cry*

Lost photos included the glorious WDA softball team One Time, various bar-capades probably best left to decay to neutral, and my family vacation in Saugatuck.