06 July 2002
img_2810.jpg My car with trans-continental bug smears.
img_2811.jpg 94 will take me home
img_2812.jpg look! trees!
img_2813.jpg I don't see too many women riding shirt-less. She's still a fool for riding without protection.
img_2814.jpg I just read about this place in "American Gods" by Niel Gaimen. I wish I would have stopped. But I wanted to get home.
img_2816.jpg The perfect road food. Fast, Atomic, Filling.
img_2817.jpg I raced this guy all the way across Chicago. I was faster, but he usually had better luck at the toll way queues.
img_2818.jpg Only 140 some miles to go!
img_2820.jpg The reason I left early. Fraggle with his scary serial killer beard left Green Bay to visit us in Ann Arbor.