05 July 2002
img_2805.jpg I spent the majority of today lounging. While Jen and Andy were both working I noodled around with Cocoa programming.

I did have one task, though. Last September I had unsuccessfully attempted to repair the driver's seat in Jen's Tempo and today we were going to head out to an auto recycling center to salvage a new-to-us seat.

It was Jen's first trip to a junk yard. Unfortunately this one didn't have the part we needed and the one that might was over an hour away and closed. Hopefully with the initial hesitation of going to such a place over, she'll be able to head to the other junk yard on her own and get the new seat.

While I enjoy my low maintenance car, I do miss the adventure of fixing my car for as little as possible. The Buick Century was fun to part-hunt.