03 July 2002
I left Colorado the previous night and spent another early morning sleeping in a Nebraska rest stop. My first stop for gas and food this morning brought me to a gas and greyhound station with "Howdy Information." Huh.

Most of my day was spent on the Denver->Minneapolis trip. It was earlier in Nebraska that learned that the Neon's cruise control can't be set above 86 mph and it was again in Nebraska that my foot had to help things along. Iowa was another 6 hour waste of my time. There were a lot of state troopers within 100 miles of Des Moines and I had the displeasure of being stuck behind an apparently off duty county sheriff. By the time I could get around timid cars and trucks to pass the Crown Vic Interceptor the officer didn't seem to care as I quickly made a delta of 15mph between us. Minnesota presented a little bit of construction but continued to be the state in which I've seen the fewest state patrols on the highway.

img_2714.jpg img_2715.jpg
Would some please clue these people in? Their name is hilarious!