30 June 2002
Revelry came just before dawn as the huge diesel rigs grumbled loudly from idle into first gear. On the road I watched the sun rise behind me. A couple miles after passing the Archway to the West (or something to that effect, it looked like a long barn built above the freeway) I stopped at a Flying-J for a shower and breakfast. I was denied a shower, there was a long wait and professional drivers were given preference anyways, so I settled for washing my face and brushing my teeth. Since I was still grungy I didn't quite feel like sitting around eating a meal. Instead of found this amazing hot sandwich consisting of french toast, fried egg, ham, bacon, and american cheese. It wasn't amazingly, but it beat a nutri-grain bar.

Cruising in the Colorado this Sunday morning I sought variety and found it in several different radio ministries. One was very civil and down to earth, talking about things such as the fires in the west and how people need to expect and prepare for such event. It talked about the effects of terrorism on our country (even if through a very strange lense).

The second got a little stranger. It was a Missouri Lutheran minister preaching about strife in the family; how the Bible and JUH-EEsus (pronounced as typed) both create strife and offer solutions. To sum it up, it's bad for a parent to love their children more than Jesus and vice-versa.

A little later a boisterous southern woman talked about how Jesus saved her marriage. Being saved taught her to be a good, loving, and attentative wife. Saving their marriage required her to stop seeing her Daddy as the most important man in the world, she needed to no longer hold him in the special place in her heart, and instead see her husband that way. This woman watched her little daughter for clues on how to make her husband happy because her husband held their daughter so closely in her heart. She learned to be interested in the things he was doing, to be really happy to see him when he came home from work, and to compliment him a lot. This was the key, she says. She also talked about how her husband later had to go to his father and apologize for loving his mother, that he (the husband) needed to instead love his wife. It was head spinning, but entertaining.

I think I plugged the iPod back in after that.

Eventually I made through the desert and into the urban sprawl of Denver. I continued on and made it to Colorado spring in the early afternoon.

I spent the rest of the day exploring the Pike's Peak park. I love America. We build roads everywhere, you can drive to the top of a 14,000 ft mountain.

img_2497.jpg img_2498.jpg img_2499.jpg
holy crap!
what color would that be?
denver through industrial & fire haze
Co. Springs "scenic turn-off"
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img_2512.jpg img_2513.jpg
starting the drive up pike's peak
img_2514.jpg img_2515.jpg
img_2516.jpg img_2517.jpg img_2518.jpg img_2519.jpg
img_2520.jpg img_2521.jpg img_2522.jpg img_2523.jpg
img_2524.jpg img_2525.jpg img_2526.jpg img_2528.jpg
img_2529.jpg img_2530.jpg img_2532.jpg img_2533.jpg
img_2534.jpg img_2535.jpg the peak img_2536.jpg img_2538.jpg
img_2540.jpg img_2541.jpg
I was really here
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img_2544.jpg img_2545.jpg run marmut, run! img_2546.jpg img_2547.jpg