29 June 2002
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Day 1 of my vacation begins. After a Mark's Midtown lunch with Gretchen I hit I-94 westbound. It's a familiar trip; I've driven through Chicago many times and I've headed west out on 80 enough times to not really be surprised by much. I cruised through Illinois and Iowa, hitting the Nebraska border right around midnight eastern time. (People drive really slowly in Omaha) I continued on after gassing up in Lincoln, allowing the darkness to cover up and the 75 mph speed limit to make up for the treacherously boring Nebraska landscape.

Eventually my eyes were blinking nearly as much as they were staying open and I pulled over at an overly full rest area. I parked down the area's exit ramp between pickup and a No Parking sign, laid my thermarest over the reclined driver's seat, cranked the air, and let Bjork coo and burble me to sleep.