22 June 2002

erin & andy send-off

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My friends Erin & Andy are leaving Ann Arbor, headed west for Colorado. A gathering of alcoholic proportions was in order. Early in the sweltering day a small group of partiers gathered at E&A's for swimming and recreation. After cleaning up we headed down to Dominick's to begin more serious libations.

Dominick's is a wonderful place, but on this particular day the sun, the humidity, and the lack of breeze added up to misery. When we finally collected the various revellers who were meeting up at Dominick's we headed to Mitch's for cheap pitches and chilly A.C.

While plans had called for further bar hopping our previous encounters with the atmosphere kept us at Mitch's until they turned the lights on. We drank, drank, drank, and wished our friend a good journey.