20 June 2002
Asphalt destroyed!
img_2383.jpg img_2384.jpg

Earlier the construction beasts devoured the Thompson & Liberty island, the island that was my adventurous path to Le Dog. It can't be too long before they take it's sister, the State & Liberty island. While standing in the afternoon heat, in the process of being stood up for a dinner date, I decided to capture the minutiae of this Ann Arbor landmark.

img_2385.jpg img_2386.jpg img_2387.jpg img_2390.jpg
img_2391.jpg img_2392.jpg img_2393.jpg img_2394.jpg
img_2395.jpg img_2399.jpg img_2400.jpg img_2402.jpg
img_2403.jpg img_2407.jpg img_2409.jpg img_2410.jpg
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