08 June 2002

dug and linh

dugsong and Linh Lam got married! This was the best wedding I've ever been to, and now I'm going to have to ask, "Will this wedding have a moon bounce?" while deciding which weddings to attend. No longer do I ask, "Will this wedding have an open bar?"

It was a clear and very sunny afternoon for the ceremonies. In fact, many people ended up a little burnt on their left cheek as the sun glared. Dug and Linh shared both western and Korean ceremonies with their friends. The Korean ceremony was really fun and cute. The part everyone must talk about is where Dug carries Linh and his mother around to show that he will take care of them.

At a geek wedding many pictures are taken, and I did my part. You can look through all of the photos here. Below are some of my favorites of the wedding, reception, and the after-party at Chia. You'll find my unabridged photos here.

img_2218.jpg img_2223.jpg img_2224.jpg img_2249.jpg
img_2252.jpg img_2265.jpg img_2283.jpg img_2295.jpg
img_2317.jpg img_2318.jpg img_2325.jpg img_2335.jpg