26 May 2002


It's the 3rd demf, and it's only 45 miles away. I had to go at least one day. andy came all the way from Minneapolis for the occasion! There wasn't much on the schedule that excited me this year so I spent most of my times enjoying the music from afar and studied the masses.
img_2151.jpg img_2152.jpg img_2153.jpg img_2154.jpg
img_2155.jpg img_2156.jpg img_2157.jpg img_2158.jpg
img_2160.jpg img_2161.jpg img_2162.jpg img_2163.jpg
img_2164.jpg img_2165.jpg img_2166.jpg img_2167.jpg
img_2168.jpg img_2169.jpg img_2170.jpg img_2171.jpg
img_2172.jpg img_2173.jpg img_2174.jpg img_2175.jpg
img_2176.jpg img_2177.jpg img_2178.jpg img_2180.jpg
img_2181.jpg img_2182.jpg img_2183.jpg img_2184.jpg
img_2185.jpg img_2186.jpg img_2187.jpg img_2188.jpg
img_2189.jpg img_2191.jpg img_2192.jpg img_2193.jpg
img_2195.jpg img_2196.jpg img_2197.jpg img_2198.jpg
img_2199.jpg img_2201.jpg Oh yeah, no trucks in the water.