25 May 2002

cannonball run

img_2090.jpg img_2132.jpg One of the best things about the Detroit Electronic Music Festival are all shows and parties that happen in metro Detroit surrounding the event. Local music powers organized a warehouse party in Detroit. The music was good and the venue was awesome. It was a small party, probably three or four hundred people cycled through the place, though I can't say that I know for certain.

The music cycled through an odd hour or two of 80's reminiscing--I'm pretty sure there was some prince in there somewhere--before returning to slightly more expected house and party music. The DJs cycled through about once an hour, this helped to keep things fresh.

Flush toilets. Well, a flush toilet. But it's the small things in life that make it so good.

We showed up early, around midnight, and the last boat left for Ann Arbor sometime around 6am. Time enough to drink our byob 40s (except for one fancy pants who actually brought a bottle of wine) and sober up for the ride home.

I took a ton of pictures and don't want to get rid of them. If you're curious, poke through them here.

img_2081.jpg img_2089.jpg
img_2098.jpg img_2101.jpg
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