15 May 2002

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New toy. I found a CompactFlash mp3 player for $20! It came with no memory, but since I already have CF cards for my camera, this seems too awesome. When the postman delivered the box I ripped in and was certain it wouldn't work. How could it work for $20? I copied mp3s to a CF, stuffed AAA's in the "Microboss", inserted the card, then some headphones, mashed buttons, and nothing happened. hmmm. I proceeded to mash buttons more (there are only 6!) and after a minute of this torture it submitted and peeped out aphex twin! I was shocked. It plays mp3s! It was $20! Crazy! Looking around I found that people were paying $100 for the thing at amazon. I feel sorry for them because the microboss is a piece of crap and sounds like it too. But it's good enough and small enough to replace my cd player while going gerbalistic at the gym.

Chuck approves. Gimme my Sennheisers back, Chuck.