05 May 2002


Friend Lorna told me about this crazy party at Susie's, open to anyone that rides in a motorcycle. I was a little skeptical--why would you want to spend time around a bunch of parked bikes when you could be riding--but I supposed that I should go at least once.

I joined Lorna at her house Saturday morning and we headed out to Dexter to meet up with more people. We had eight people in our group with some experienced and very fast riders leading the way. We rode roads I'd never even thought to look for before and others that I'd only seen once or twice. While I didn't even want to try to keep up with the leaders, I still rode faster that I normally do--it's reassuring to see a couple bikes cut a certain line, give me a target and belief that I can do it too--and had adrenaline-filled fun. We noodled our way out past Stockbridge, traveling over 60 miles of nice two-laners.

On the last part of our journey in we road up on M-52. 52 is normally a busy road and now today it was packed with cycles. Just on the way in I saw bikes from Ohio and Indiana. Right before our turn off highway I could see an ocean of motorcycles in the middle of plowed fields. So much shiny goodness.

We turned into Susie's and managed to park. The whole thing was overwhelming. So many people, so many bikes, and the constant rumble and whirr of motors.

From the far west of Susie's, looking east

farwest1.jpg farwest2.jpg farwest3.jpg
We parked in the middle, Rice Row
park.jpg Most of our bikes. Mine is 3rd from the left. ricerow1.jpg
We parked in the row to the left of the sign.
On the east side
eastside1.jpg eastside2.jpg eastside3.jpg
Susie on her tractor.
fareast1.jpg fareast2.jpg
Susie on the road
No parking on the farmer's field!
Heh, Openbsd shirt.
On the road
west to the highway
looking west across Susie's
looking east
Motorcycles that caught my eye
BMW with spacious sidecar
bike_bmwsidecar2.jpg bike_greenninja.jpg
Glowy-Green Ninja
Back when harleys were high tech.
Round Homer decal below seat. I saw the matching helmet later. *grin*
Nifty Norton
bike_norton2.jpg bike_old.jpg
Dunno, Old.
Beautiful swing arm
on a serious Ducati.
bike_redduc3.jpg bike_redduc4.jpg
Thats right, 3 wheels people, 3 wheels!
Let's go!
letsgo1.jpg letsgo2.jpg letsgo3.jpg

Mechanical Pause

After an hour or two of enjoying the party we mounted up and headed out. We headed west for a while, our riding inspired by the beautiful 75 degree day.

At the end of a particularly awesome stretch of road, the majority of our group, me included, came upon our insane leaders parked and off their bikes. This seemed like a we're cooler than you move (we saw them enter the first corners of some wooded twisties and then were left in the dust as we, SHOCK, slowed down for the curves) which ended up leaving us enjoying manure scented breezes for 20 minutes. Mr. Better-than-a-'busa managed to overheat his turbo and then didn't cool it before shutting down. The end effect was a bike that didn't want to start.

We moo'ed at the cows and waved to passer-bys, though everybody tried to hide from the harley riders that rode past. Some were embarrassed to find themselves being the ones stuck on the side of the road.

img_1963.jpg img_1964.jpg img_1966.jpg img_1967.jpg
from the right: wird-wird-wird-wird-wird-wird goes the starter
img_1968.jpg img_1969.jpg Forensic investigation finds a car smacked another going through the intersection and the smackee ended up at our corner doing some digging and leaving their headlights at the base of the electric fence.
img_1970.jpg img_1971.jpg Instead of returning voicemail, I stopped by Gretchen's on the way back into town and watched her finish her day of gardening. The four tomato plants I watched her transplant will probably produce 8000 tomatoes in a couple months, if last season was any indication.