28 April 2002

half marathon

After being out entirely too late at Tom's the previous night I dragged myself out of bed at 8 (well, maybe 8:20), showered, and hopped on my motorcycle to head west. My friends Kristin and Jill were running a half marathon around the forest in the Pinckney Recreation Area, and it was Jill's first half marathon! I wanted to cheer them on.

I don't run, well, at least I haven't made a concerted effort at doing so since high school, but I remember the first time I bicycles 100 miles and I have to figure this is just as hard. I wanted to see them do it.

I road through the thickest fog I've ever dared drive through about 30 miles to the first crossing point for the marathon (they had already started running at 8:30). I missed them there, but headed two miles up the road to the 9.5 mile point in the run and waited for them there. After surprising them both and cheering them on I headed to the finished and watch them cross the line. It was very cool. As I found out later the times that I took pictures of were for the full marathon. Jill and Kristin left about 40 minutes after the start of the full marathon. I was entirely impressed!

img_1908.jpg img_1909.jpg
img_1911.jpg img_1912.jpg img_1914.jpg
img_1917.jpg img_1918.jpg
img_1919.jpg Trees! img_1905.jpg img_1906.jpg