07 April 2002

New Orleans

Day three starts off much better than day two, thanks to the relative chasteness of the previous night. The serious people head off for a day at conference number two. I amused myself in other ways.

After dinner we again headed to Bourbon Street, this time we went to Pat O'Briens's and we closed the place. After one hurricane I sought better and was presented with and insanely tooth-paste colored drink named Skylab Fallout. It was a double in the hurricane glass and two were enough to put me into orbit.

After Cafe du Monde we caught the funniest cab in all of New Orleans back to our hotel. The Caprice had absolutely no suspension; we sat in the car and it immediately bottomed out. Sitting in the middle of the back I could feel every bump in the road as it was immediately transmitted through the frame. The dash showed at least 3 warning lights and the drivers tried to convince it was nothing, the cab was fine. After an eternity of laughing we finally arrived and weaved our way to the hotel room.
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