06 April 2002

New Orleans

The second day started slowly. I stirred last, not really getting moving and dressed until about 5 in the evening. We took a short trip to the boardwalk to find a little bit of food. We tested our digestive tracts with a variety of grease as a cruise ship prepared to depart and WWII planes buzzed overhead.

We returned to the hotel and again the social hotline was activated and people gathered. Bill led the charge back to the booze and I reluctantly followed. Eric could not yet bring himself to the bottle. Beers downed, we headed out for dinner at Landry's. It was an extremely slow start, but we eventually had a good meal, good drinks, and a huge dessert.

After dinner we gathered more people and headed back to Bourbon Street. The Street was even busier than the night before, but we were much more tame. We searched for dancing again, but both places we visited more or less sucked. The second place had more music and less annoying MC-chick, so we stayed for a while. There was even some crazy cage dancing, but the night faded quickly and we headed for Cafe du Monde by 3.

Kate and Bill got into a bit of a sugar fight, unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Kate after her entire face had been smeared with a sugary beignet.
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