05 April 2002

New Orleans: The Lost Night

This little adventure started many weeks earlier when my good friend Eric informed me of his planned 2 week trip to New Orleans for two educational research conferences. He and friend Bill would be sharing a villa of some magnitude for the duration. This immediately triggered an alarm as I realized that I would have friends in an interesting place that could offer me crash space. The idea quickly faded, though.

Fast-forward to two days ago. I realized Bill and Eric were already in New Orleans and maybe I should see about getting a ticket down there. After some tinkering with the "internet" I found that I would not be able fly to New Orleans for less than $300 and gave up. But yesterday, after sending my regrets to Eric, the concept of a weekend in Nawlins burned deep and hot. Back to the internet. At 5pm Thursday I booked a ticket for more than I'm willing to admit publicly for a 9am Friday flight. Boom! I'm going, I'm going; I was instantly manic. It was great feeling.

Today I arrived around noon and arrived at the hotel. After a walk around the neighborhood Eric caught up with me and we enjoyed a feast of Popeye's Chicken pool side while catching up on the other's life. Not too much later Bill returned from the conference and Eric's friend Steve appeared from Baton Rouge. In need of libation, Bill and I found the sketchiest of corner stores and purchased two cases of beer, a liter of the captain, coke, sprite, and I threw in a cold pint of Jager! As we returned with our booty, Eric activated the social hotline. People trickled into the room and Bill and I immediately plied them with alcohol. I personally consumed 4 red stripes and at least 4 generous shots of Jager before departing for dinner. I was in the city for one reason only: to party with my friends. Thats exactly what I did and it was done in extreme.

I offer the following photos as an unedited (at least until I get "OH MY GAWD TAKE THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW" emails) chronological description of that event we dubbed the Lost Night. There will be little explanation, it's probably better that way. The initial viewing of these pictures on Saturday provided many laughs, "Oh yeah"'s, and "I don't remember that.... oh wait..."'s. Enjoy.

Just to warn you, there are over a hundred pictures on the page, so it will take a while to load: The Lost Night.

Here are a few of the pictures from before the chaos:
img_1614.jpg img_1615.jpg img_1616.jpg
Waiting to be intimately searched (yes, it happened both on the way to and from New Orleans, I imagine it had something to do with buying a ticket on the "internet" less than a day ago) I examined the pleasant architecture of the new DTW terminal.
img_1617.jpg img_1618.jpg img_1619.jpg
The abode, Bill, Eric, and Steve, before the alcohol is in effect
img_1620.jpg img_1621.jpg img_1622.jpg
Our friend the elevator, our friend the cab, oh look we're here! Did I mention I'm already drunk at this point? wooooo!