09 February 2002

winter carnival

img_1346.jpg Wonder-breakfast at the Suomi Cafe. I used to come here at 6am after my radio show. Blueberry pancakes so big you have to wonder at the physics of flipping them.
We eventually wandered down to the broomball rink to watch Kealy and her team Lace in Your Face kick ass. Kealy is the skilled but under utilized goalee for the team. Kealy didn't let any by. They won, of course.
img_1349.jpg img_1350.jpg img_1351.jpg img_1352.jpg
img_1355.jpg Near-perfect Fraggle butt after some snow wrestling.
img_1356.jpg img_1357.jpg img_1358.jpg img_1359.jpg
Driving back from dinner in Lake Linden we saw the carny fireworks start. I pulled over in a contractors lot and we watched the show from the comfort of the neon. After fireworks we returned to the den of sin where more people from our school daze appeared.
img_1360.jpg img_1361.jpg img_1362.jpg img_1363.jpg
tired kealy and megg
img_1366.jpg img_1367.jpg
hoolie! and matt and janell.
dual pants game!
img_1370.jpg img_1371.jpg


I brought along a goofy izone polaroid and here are some of the pictures i kept from the trip: