31 January 2002

wall of slush

6 inches of snow last night, then rain, then another 6 inches of snow really messed up ann arbor today. i had to take my car to the shop so i was up and out, but most people worked from home today.

the rain fell and froze, coating everything including the trees. the took out many trees through the course of day. near the end of the day an ice-coated tree branch nearly destroyed chris's 3000 GT, and would have if that annoying sorority girl hadn't cut us off and stole our spot. thanks annoying sorority girl!

img_1179.jpg img_1180.jpg img_1181.jpg img_1182.jpg
img_1183.jpg img_1189.jpg img_1190.jpg
frisky kitty
evil kitty
img_1193.jpg img_1197.jpg img_1200.jpg
decorated chris
dj me
img_1203.jpg img_1207.jpg img_1209.jpg img_1210.jpg
the tree, and the 3000GT in the background.
img_1212.jpg img_1213.jpg
how liz stopped being afraid and learned to love the tree