19 January 2002


yet another trip to the auto show. this year it the pilgrimage included chris, co-worker tom, and his son. we already knew we were in trouble for going on a saturday. we hoped to make it a little better by going early in the day, but it really didn't help. the place was packed and it was hard to just browse the cars. you had to have a plan.

before we got to the auto show we had just passed an intersection when we heard the great screeching of tires. i had time to turn around and actually see the eclipse smash into the explorer. i took a picture of the accident from the parking garage 10 minutes after the fact.

my main reason for going to the auto show was to check out the new nissan altima. i try to keep a list of cars in my head that i would buy if for some reason i didn't have the neon anymore. until recently the top of the list was the subaru impreza wrx. a nifty awd 230-280(chipped) hp car. the big detraction from the car is that it was smaller inside, and the amenities were pretty crappy. but it is a great driving car and all for $25k.

the new altima is a bigger, nicer car that comes with a 3.5L v6 making 240 hp, for $24k. it's very comfortable inside (no sts, but still nice) and seemed like it would perform well. if i was in the market i'd certainly have to test drive the car. the strange things is that i found the altima more comfortable than the maxima, which is a larger car. the maxima is another car i'd have to consider, tho.

While we were in nissan land, chris and i had to check out the new Z. brought back after a 6 year hiatus, the Z350 looked to be an awesome sports car for ~$26k. impressive, and really nice looking.

img_1120.jpg img_1121.jpg img_1122.jpg
Don't I look good in an S8? Won't you buy one for me?
Only Beemer that caught my eye
img_1125.jpg img_1128.jpg img_1129.jpg
The new replacement car: altima.
img_1139.jpg img_1140.jpg img_1141.jpg img_1142.jpg
img_1143.jpg img_1144.jpg img_1145.jpg img_1146.jpg
our friend Lorna was working at the OnStar booth at Cadillac. She gave us a demo of the system where she had someone remotely unlock the doors for us, tell us were we are, suggest a place to eat, and then use an automated system to read email and check our horoscope. all very impressive.

all very cool, except for the big brother aspect, but we won't go into that =)

Lorna welcomes you to the GM experience
img_1148.jpg img_1149.jpg img_1150.jpg
Lorna demos the OnStar system for us in a decked-out Deville
img_1152.jpg img_1153.jpg
What the hell is that spoiler actually doing? Nothing!
the vibe, and american car with awd and a stick amazing! too bad it's only 130 hp.
hotwheels? i saw a tonka-ford f350 too. strange co-branding.
the game they really needed here was grand theft auto 3. but maybe that's a little too raunchy for the crowd.
img_1157.jpg img_1158.jpg
img_1159.jpg img_1160.jpg img_1161.jpg img_1162.jpg
i rarely pay attention to exotic sports cars, but chris made us huff back to the lamborghini and ferarri displays before we left. for a while in the 80's and 90's both manufacturers were making very ugly cars. i have to say they've improved quite a bit. i especially liked the lines of the lamborghini. not that i'll ever drive one, but it was nice to look at, and that is what the auto show is all about.