29 December 2001

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I introduced Fraggle and Andy to the wonders of Grand Theft Auto III. This ps2 game occupied many hours of their stay.

That evening we headed out to City Club for some fun. Of course I drove, this seems to be the norm in our group. I, driving a dodge neon, seem to have the biggest car of my friends--unbelievable. I was consoled by the fact that some of my friends drank more than their fair share and someone else's fair share of booze that night. I even had trouble keeping track of what I had drank because the bartenders were so generous in their pours that night. Social lubrication occurred and some of my friends got to know other friends, well. The wonders of bringing friends together. (The pictures are people getting ready to go. I have yet to figure out a way to get a camera into City Club and then actually be able to take pictures without loosing said camera.)

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