28 December 2001
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Today Andy and Fraggle come into town for New Years celebrations. They're both flying into Lansing, but 7 hours apart. I'm on the Fraggle shift. You are not supposed to be seeing the second picture. Apparently it is very bad to take pictures of the security entrance at the Lansing airport. I tried to take one more directly but was shuffled away by an over-empowered rental cop. So I stepped back and took a picture from a seat while he was turned around. You can't see the two national guardsmen, they're obscured by some passengers. I was saddened to see that they no longer were carrying the M-16s I had heard of earlier. I thought it would have been surreal to see men in camoflage standing at attention with automatic rifles at this little airport. Too surreal to happen, it seems.
I immediately ditched Fraggle back at chia house to meet up with Chris, Kealy, and Megg. We headed to Detroit to catch the Great Lakes Invitational. The GLI is a 2 day, 4 game contest, with Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan Tech, and a guest. During the Tech game we were winning for a short and pleasant while, but we were soundly defeated by the Sparties. The Husky Pep Band consoled us though, because they are the best college hockey band. Having played in it my freshman year, I am more than certain of this. The band made sure that all knew we were "Smarter than State" and that "State Engineers drive trains."
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