22 December 2001

solstice ride

i've been wondering for a long time just how long i'd be able to ride my motorcycle into the fall. today was the first official day of winter and i went out for a 93 miles zip around the country-side. beautiful.

before heading out i stopped by gretchen's to drop off a pan and hung out for a while. it seemed like i hadn't seen her in forever.

for the ride i started to head out south and west of town. before i made it out of town i had to dodge three oblivious christmas shoppers unable to drive and think. as some sort of consolation the sky looked particularly awesome through my dark visor. i took a couple pictures; the clouds were still interesting through the camera, but they lacked the striking contrast my visor provided.

after slowing for a speed trap i stopped right next to the cop in saline to photograph the geese hanging out on a mostly frozen reservour.

back in town i passed an old man driving a beat-up van. someone had attached a st. vinny's worth of junk to all sides and the top of the van. i found it hard in the moment i spent riding past him to figure out what was going on so i zoomed ahead through traffic on maple and stopped at the jackson road shell station. standing there i took two shots of the mobile collage. i wish i could have taken pictures of the other side of the van, but it's driver seemed pretty suspicious of the two photos i did take. yes, that is a life sized tiger doll on the roof.
img_0948.jpg img_0949.jpg img_0950.jpg img_0951.jpg
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