02 December 2001

Hi everyone, it's been a while. November has been a crazy month that more or less been kidnapped me. Luckily December paid the ransom and I hope for a more relaxed last month of the year. It is my month after all. I was born on 12/12/1975.

Hilight of my month: I spent a week and change house sitting for a coworker. It was great to have my own house and cats, even if only for pretend. Responsibility for the cats brought me home at night and once I was there I actually wanted just to hang out. Now I want a little house downtown of my own. Time to start saving.

Work was absolutely insane, the month ended with a week of 14 hours days. I think I'm passed that for a litte while, if I'm lucky work will be quiet through the holidays, but there's no way of telling.

In addition to the new days, I also updated the pool party from September with the pictures from the disposible camera I threw in the pool.