23 November 2001

After spending thanksgiving doing absolutely nothing but playing grand theft auto 3 on the playstation (so addictive) I got out today. My mother's side of the family was getting together in Utica. It was a nice 50-60 degree day so I took the opportunity to get a motorcycle ride in. It was about an 1:20 ride out there, I don't recall the miles.

My cousins Dale, Dave, and Beth were going to be there and this really made me want to go. They are all about my age and earlier in life I used to see them fairly often. Now it's only once every couple of years. We spent the night chatting and now I've realized that I have some new road trip destinations, to do see these guys.
img_0831.jpg img_0832.jpg img_0833.jpg img_0834.jpg
img_0835.jpg img_0836.jpg  
After the family fun I rode back to Ann Arbor and found Ila and Meggan back at Joe's. We met Meggan pudding wrestling, and now it seems that she can't get enough of us =)

Some how this thing made it in everyone's crotch.

img_0840.jpg img_0841.jpg

I think someone likes someone.

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